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Beetle Control In Omaha, NE

Omaha Pest Control has years of experience exterminating these pests. Beetles are a very common pest in Omaha, Nebraska and its neighboring cities. Omaha Pest Control Provides Total Home Pest Protection

Beetles are the most common type of insect. Beetles are everywhere. But beetles can be confused with other kinds of insects, especially some true bugs. So how do you recognize a beetle?

First look for the wings and the wing covers. Most insects have wings, and those that do have two pairs. Beetles differ from all other winged insects by having the first pair of wings hardened and thickened. These hard forewings serve as a protective shield for the fragile flying wings, which are folded underneath.

Are They Dangerous?

In general, beetles are not dangerous, they are many times beneficial as they eat many other insects. It is when they congregate together and appear indoors that they begin causing problems. Call Omaha Pest Control at (402) 250-0425 to inspect and eliminate them.

How Do You Get Rid Of Beetles?

Beetles can be difficult to control and that’s why our beetle control service includes the necessary products and follow up visits for complete success. Due to the hazards and complexity of the pesticides involved, most people want to hire a professional to eliminate the problem. Our Omaha Pest Control treatment methods consist of the following:

Initial Service – Omaha Pest Control provides a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home, then a treatment of all areas where activity is present.

Follow Up – Quarterly interior/exterior or exterior-only services will be scheduled as part of our annual pest management program. If pests return in between visits, Omaha Pest Control exterminators return for free.

Is The Treatment Safe And How Soon Can You Get Here?

Over 25 Years of Experience

Omaha Pest Control uses the least amount of material possible while still resolving the problem. All products are found to be effective and registered by the EPA. Our technicians will inform you of all precautions needed to be taken. We are committed to helping you ASAP, many times we can arrive the same day.

How Much Does It Cost?

Omaha Pest Control has standard pricing for all our pest control services, based on the size of the home and materials used. Free Estimates are provided. Call Omaha Pest Control at (402) 250-0425 for fast and friendly service.

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